Saturday, June 14, 2014

YSL Eyebrow Pencil Final Review

The YSL Dessin Des Sourcils Eyebrow Pencil in 04 - "Ash"

A perfect grey with the slightest hint of shimmer...

Advertised for blondes and those with grey hair, it actually turned out to be an amazing natural daily shade for me (I'm Asian with grey-black eyebrows).

So this little stubby is all I have left now... This is actually the first time I have used up any cosmetic pencil this much (yes, including all brow, lip, eye...). I love trying out new things and am always moving on to something else, but this one kept me on the hook and kept me coming back... that fact in itself says something! 

I have yet to find something that is more natural on me than this! There are others that can give a more defined look when I want that, but for day-to-day, this always wins. 

So my final review on this? I am definitely repurchasing, and it's now my HG eyebrow pencil for "naturally beautiful" brows! (I'm still a little shy about posting parts of my face when I work up the nerve I will post a brow swatch/routine with this pencil =P)

What's your HG brow product? Share with me in the comments!


  1. Oh wow, I love looking at photos with well-loved and used-up products!
    I have been using a drawing pencil (Ebony pencil) for more than a decade. Nowadays I add some brown tones mixing it with a Japanese eyebrow pencil with spoolie.

    1. interesting I would have never thought to try a drawing pencil!

  2. This must be really good as you almost use it up. That says a lot about the pencil. I use Lioele auto brow which I love so much. It gives a very natural finish and I am still able to shape my brows by filling in and slight emphasis on the arch.

    1. It definitely is that good! It is quite a soft pencil though, so it does also get used up faster in a sense (I have to sharpen every two uses). Is Lioele a Korean brand? I have never tried it before.