Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sigma F82 Review

Sigma's synthetic line of brushes have been out and popular on Youtube for awhile now, and I'm slow to jump on the bandwagon generally so after all this time, I finally bought one to see how it is for myself :) Click the jump to read my thoughts!  I bought mine from FTB (yay Canadian company!)

 This brush is from the "SigMAX" line made by Sigma, which is an affordable, moderate quality, brush line sold mostly online and has been made popular by many Youtubers and bloggers.  I bought the F82 as it seemed to be the most versatile of the set.

My initial impressions:
- heavy weighted handle
- VERY dense brush head
- soft!

With Initial wash:
- no hairs shed
- no dyes shed
- took a REALLY long time to dry... (left in BrushGuard brush-side down initially for 24 hrs, and was still quite wet after, so took it out and let it dry the old-fashioned way by laying it flat on a towel, which took another many more hours! It may be fine if you already have other brushes on rotation, but if you're waiting to use this the next day after washing...it may not be ready!)

On use:
- feels super soft on my face
- easily blends liquid foundation (even though Sigma recommends this brush for mineral powders, I feel it's best suited for liquid or cream products)
- weighted handle felt nice to use

Overall impression: I like it! The dense and super soft brush just "feels" nice to use. The finish is comparable to other buffing-type or stippling brushes I've used, and slightly better than regular paddle-foundation brushes. Only downside is the incredibly long drying time (>24 hrs)! Given that I recommend washing your brushes each time after using a liquid product such as a foundation, this probably isn't best as a "first" foundation brush purchase (unless you plan on buying two!)  If you already have other foundation brushes, then this would be a nice addition to your collection!

Have you tried this brush or others from the SigMAX line? Let me know what you thought!

*FYI: as stated, I bought this brush myself, decided to review it on my own accord, and I have no affiliation with this company whatsoever.

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