Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Too Faced 3-Way Eye Liner Review

This is actually more of an "empties" review since I've had this about a year now and it's dried up! This liner was considered very "innovative" when it first came out as it's unique, as you see, it's got a 3-pronged tip and was advertised to be great for tightlining (lining the base of the lashes). It recommends you wiggle the tip between the lashes and dot the skin right at the root.

First off, the formula. It's quite smudgeproof once set when swatched. Unfortunately my oily lids outdid themselves and managed to smudge this by end of the day when I wear it. If you don't have oily lids though, this is gonna be as smudgeproof for you as it gets without going into a waterproof formula.

The color as you can see is black with a slight sheen. It's not the most black I've ever used, but black enough.

Finally, the 3-prong idea...sounded great in theory...but in reality when I used it to "dot" in between my lashes, I looked very there were black dots drawn on my ash line...unnatural black dots that did not translate to thicker lashes.  So I ended up using this like any old pen liner. For that it did the job! Though so would have a regular pen liner...

Overall, now that I'm done with this...I will not repurchase.

Have you tried this? What did you think?


  1. I have tried this and totally agree with you. The 3-dot feature sold me on this but in reality, it looks so unnatural on lash line. I also find it is hard to apply as it is straight and it looks awkward.

    1. I know eh! I tend to get sucked into these gimmicky features and then realize it's not all better than the traditional stuff...guess sometimes no need to fix what ain't broke :)