Saturday, November 7, 2015

Burberry Kisses: Sepia No. 85 - swatch and review

Wow I've been terrible with blogging recently...I'm not tired or bored of the blog, nor do I have writer's block, but have just been really busy with keeping up with family and work. I had also been on a "beauty no-buy" period for a few months that has now been broken thanks to Sephora's annual 20% off sale (I can't resist a sale...). Before any haul posts that start up, I really want to first share this lovely lippie I've been using day-to-day. 

It's my first Burberry Kisses (or any Burberry lippie)! It's actually a mini size as well, that I was given by the salesguy at Nordstrom in Ottawa. I was there with a friend and helped her pick out a gift for her aunt, and then he gave BOTH of us one of these mini lippies and a deluxe size Fresh Glow (Sephora should learn something from them...this is how you treat customers! Not with #epicfails...and yet I still got sucked in by the sale, sigh me...).

There's really no other way to describe it than the perfect my-lips-but-better shade.

Here it is on the left swatched next to MJ's Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, something which I think many of you are familiar with.

Bare lips with lip balm
It's super close to the natural shade of my lips as you can see, but adds just enough hint of color and because the pigmentation is moderate, it evens out my lips nicely. 

I don't really look like I have lipstick on (unless you come close, because there is of course some lipstick texture as expected of a non-sheer lippie), but I find it helps pull my look together, whether it's just a day I've only used some concealer, or I got a heavier eye thing going on. 

The texture is super smooth, and dries down semi-matte. It sets so nicely it doesn't actually "feel" like I have something on my lips. It's of course not moisturizing like my favorite tinted lip balms, but it's not drying either and it doesn't make my lips peel, so yay!

I'm starting to really love this brand (and looking forward to Nordstrom opening up in Toronto soon and giving The Bay/Sephora/Holts some serious competition in the beauty department!)

Have you tried Burberry Kisses line of lipsticks? What's your favorite shade?