Sunday, June 22, 2014

B.Kamins Brightening Mask First Impression

Quickie review today... I left this mask at the bottom of my samples pile (it had come in a previous Topbox), and finally while going through my "stock" decided to try it out 4 days ago. This is a 1st impression...but I am IMPRESSED.

This mask is clay-like, and dries down quite quickly. As directed, I smoothed it over my wet face and let it dry 5 minutes. It tingled like mad (I do have sensitive skin) but not in a painful way like some other masks have felt.  It was quite easy to then wipe off with a warm cloth and then rinse off with warm water.

The result: WOA. My skin felt smooth, fine lines were gone, pores looked cleaner and smaller, and my face overall looked much brighter and more even. My hyperpigmentation spots were also much lighter. I was seriously shocked as I've never seen a product do this! Best of all it didn't even feel that drying.

So here's the kicker...I moisturized and went to bed thinking this effect is going to be gone tomorrow like with most mask effects. The next morning, my skin still looked much better than usual. So much so I didn`t even feel the need for my usual tinted moisturizer so I skipped out. Even more surprisingly, my T-zone was also not as oily as it normally is throughout the day. This effect is continuing even today (with or without makeup)! (Day 4 now...)

Even more shocking, the patches of eczema I always have in my cheeks are also improved! I`m beyond shocked.

Ok, so that`s all I gotta say for this. I`m going to keep using it and update with a full review at a later time, but so far, I would highly recommend this! (or at least to similar skin-types as me, oily t-zone with very dry and sensitive skin otherwise).

If you have tried this mask before let me know what you thought of it!

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