Monday, August 17, 2015

Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer - Ash Brown No. 03 Review and Swatches

I've not stopped loving my YSL Ash, but it is fun to try out new brow products! This is one of the first products from Burberry I've tried, and after a few months now of using this side by side with the Shu Uemura eyebrow pencil in Stone Gray, I love it! Is it possible that I simultaneously love the YSL, Shu, and this?! Yup... I can't decide which is my favorite anymore...

Burberry unfortunately doesn't make a grey-toned shade like YSL and Shu, but from reading reviews online I gathered this "Ash Brown" would work for me. 

The packaging is metal and weighty, feels good to hold and use!

It's also my first time trying a sword-type shape eyebrow product. It was odd at first and took some getting used to, but now I like how it allows me to draw hair-like strokes, and use the very sharp part to create a neat tail. 

Obligatory spoolie, making this travel friendly.

Next to YSL, you can see the shade is actually very similar (and very similar to the Shu but for some reason I didn't think to swatch all 3). Only difference is YSL has the fine shimmer (no other brow product I've tried has it, and it's only visible with flash, not in person, oh I guess YSL still wins in this regard...)

Sorry I had trouble matching the white balance, but hope it shows that the shade is quite natural looking, though it is a bit brown of course and not entirely gray. It doesn't look unnatural though like some browns can on me. 

 Overall, I'm happy with this product! Really nothing wrong with it, you can go light, or can draw heavier strokes and make yourself a heavier brow if you prefer. 

This was a great intro for me to the world of Burberry cosmetics, and I will be looking forward to picking up more products from them!

What's your favorite brow product recently? Do you always stick to one thing or change it up?

Friday, August 7, 2015

Empties: July 2015

Wow I'm very late this month for empties. I've been having a "blah" makeup month, unmotivated to try things or blog about them. I've only been wearing bases, and even skipping highlighter/blush on some days because I feel so blah. Must be some kind of cosmetic depression after my massive hauls fews months back (I will get to those products...), does this ever happen to you? Anyhow, I did manage to finish a bunch of deluxe samples (and tossing out some) so thought this would kick my beauty brain back into gear. 

Coconut water shampoo and conditioner, it worked well, but I wasn't wowed.
 Shiseido Benefiance day and night lotions. The day one has SPF18. Now this was good stuff. Made my skin look nice and smooth. I wish the SPF was a bit higher though. Don't be fooled by these little sample bottles these lasted me more than a month of daily use!
 Ojon rare blend. This works well to smooth out and shine out my hair, but I have to be careful to put only a VERY small amount. If I go over board even a little I will look like a slicky oily mess.
L'Occitane almond shower, this is the second deluxe sample bottle, it's good stuff.
 Reversa micellar water. This was no competition for Bioderma. It was basically working as a toner, does not remove makeup well at all.
Skindinavian finishing spray. I have multiple bottles of multiple formulations of this, it works very well to set my makeup all day, even in hot humid Toronto.
 3lab "perfect lips", how about perfectly useless. I've never been so disappointed in such a high end (or just highly priced) product before. This made my lips peel in the winter and in the summer was just barely tolerable. Why I continued for 2 years...only cuz it was so expensive. I've not finished this, but it's as good as gone to me. Good bye and will never repurchase (this has turned me off to 3lab and their too-high-priced skincare in general).

Shu uemura lip gloss. Now this was just a deluxe sample, but it was BAD. It smelled heavily like chemicals. Can someone who uses Shu regularly tell me if this is true of all their lipglosses or did I just get a bad one? It didn't even look that good, just like an ol' pink lipgloss. Disappointed for sure.

Estee Lauder makeup remover lotion. This was a bit of an odd product, consistency of a moisturizer, smear it on and wipe off with the makeup. It does work, but I think I prefer cleansing oils over this.

Clinique gentle liquid soap. This does what it says, it's gentle and foams and washes your face. Again, nothing to write home about and I keep getting samples so probably will never purchase full size.

My tone has been very negative eh this whole post...perhaps I need to go stash shopping and find something that excites me again :)