Friday, February 22, 2013

Battle of the Pro Eyelash Curlers: Shu Uemura vs. Tweezerman ProCurl

I'm asian with naturally short/stubby lashes that grow down and hard to curl and maintain curl, so a good eyelash curler is a must-have product for me. I've tried quite a few, and this post is a comparison of my top 2 to date:

1) Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler - $23

This is a much raved about tool by MUAs and bloggers, and have been called by some the "Rolex" of eyelash curlers. It's toted as a balanced tool that won't pinch and creates soft curl, not "crimp" as other curlers may do. It comes with a mushroom-shaped cushion (with 1 refill). It's quite lightweight compared to the Tweezerman ProCurl, and almost felt flimsy, but all parts move smoothly when in use.  My use of it: for some reason it was able to curl my annoying corner lashes whereas other curlers have failed to do so to date. I imagine it's due to the curvature fitting my eyeball shape better than the others I've tried. For that, I'm quite happy!

2) Tweezerman ProCurl Eyelash Curler - $26

Shu on the left, Tweezerman on the right
Shu on the right (sorry for the switch)
This is the rose gold "pro" curler that is sold by Sephora. I purchased this a few months prior to the Shu curler, and prior to the Shu curler, I would have said this was the best that I had tried! It left out a couple of corner lashes but not as much as other brands. It's heavier and feels quite solid when held/used, which I actually prefer over the Shu, but only in this area.  As you can see from the comparison of the curvature in the top photo I took, the Shu is more curved/rounded, which is probably why it can get to those corner lashes better. From the frontal view in the bottom photo, you can see that the Tweezerman also turns "down" more than the Shu, which doesn't fit so well with my Asian eyes (more almond shape and less of a "down"-ward turn on the sides.

Overall Impression: The Shu curler fits my eye shape better, so I prefer it. However if you have rounder eyes, the Tweezerman's shape may be better for you. Give both a try as they're both quality curlers and see which suits you! Let me know if you've tried either and what you thought or if you have tried other awesome curlers!



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