Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Powder Brush Review

I've actually had these brushes for awhile, but I resisted writing a review too quickly as I wanted to see how they held up with time.  If you haven't heard of Real Techniques yet, it's a line of brushes made by popular Youtube guru Samantha Chapman (of "pixiwoo").  They're extremely affordable, which made me hesitate at first as I've bought my share of cheap brushes that turned out to be disasters - shedding, bleeding, entire brush head falling right off, etc.  Sometimes the disaster happened on the first wash, and sometimes it happened a few washes later.  Well, I'm finally writing the review now because I've had these brushes for a few months, and I've washed them quite a few times, and they've held up! Click the jump for more thoughts and photos!

 Expert Face Brush - right

This is a soft, medium-sized buffing brush that's great for liquid/cream face products. It has comparable results and feel to the Sigma F82 I review previously, but at half the price! It's soft and dense, but not as dense as the F82.  I actually now prefer this brush over the F82. It feels the same but dries faster since it's not sooooo dense. Also the slightly oblong shape helps blend product in my under-eye area and around the nose better.

Powder Brush - left

This is a soft and large, super luxe feeling brush for face powder, that *gasp* only cost ~$10 cdn! It feels like a much more expensive brush, I still can't really believe the price tag!

Overall, I also love how both of these brushes have not shed, nor have they bled! Oh, and how cool is it that they stand up on their own?! Great for keeping in the bathroom for quick everyday makeup applications!

At their price, these brushes are a steal. It really makes me wonder what exactly I paid for with all the higher end brushes I bought, thinking more expensive meant better quality and more softness etc. The only thing I still like about some of the higher-end brushes though is a weighted handle.  The Real Techniques brush handles are made from aluminum, so are very light.  Nothing wrong with that, just sometimes a weighted brush feels nice to use...not even sure why that is but hey...we're talking about beauty products here, sometimes we pay for that "feeling" =P

Have you tried any Real Techniques brushes? Let me know what you think!

*Disclosure: none. I'm not affliated with this company and bought the brushes myself, nobody paid me to say/write anything.

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