Friday, September 11, 2015

Hello Chanel...: Les Beiges Hydrating Lip Balm + Long-lasting Eyeliner 916 Perle de Lune swatches and review

I finally cracked... all the reading of bloggers that love Chanel have led me to make a couple of purchases as my first foray into this line. I tried not to expect too much, but I did, and I was thoroughly impressed with one, and half let down by the other. 

The first purchase was a tinted lip balm. Of course I started with that, it's my favorite type of lippie! First all, the packaging did not looks like it'd feel like the cheap black plastic that some other high-end lippies come in, but nope, it's not. It's hefty and weighty and feels luxurious to hold. The design is also simple and elegant. I love it!
Unfortunately it went downhill from here...

with direct flash - Chanel lip balm on the left, next to YSL candy balm in Tangerine on the right
Let's talk about the formula first. The formula really wasn't bad. It's not one of those heavy sticky/thick balms, it's rather light and weightless. It does moisturize my lips, however not greatly so. 

bounced flash
Ok onto where I became disappointed...the shade...on my arm it actually doesn't show up much at all, so I thought, well worst come to worst it's like a non-tinted lip balm...I wish that were actually the case, as actually this shade does layer up on my lips, and layers up to a very sickly shade on me. I feel like this shade will suit middle-aged pale caucasian ladies perhaps, but not me...It's so disturbing I didn't want to take a lip swatch photo. I am actually really sad about this, as the packaging I adore, the formula is definitely good enough, but oh why couldn't they come out with a more red/berry shade :( 

Alright, now onto happier things. The Perle de Lune waterproof stylo... I have been wearing this non-stop and it is such a cool and interesting shade! It also smudges only minimally on my lower lid by the end of night, which happens with the best of my eyeliners so I'm fine with that. It's a soft formula that doesn't tug on my lids and sets fairly quickly.

It's a twist up style and comes with a sharpener too, though I've not had to use it as I find it wears down fine enough, as with this shade I don't feel the need to draw a super thin line. 

I guess I would describe this shade as a pearly warm taupey-silver, with complex shimmer. It's super brightening and natural at the same time when used alone. You can also use this above your black eyeliner to amp up the look and add some some extra oomph to your liner. 

This has been my go-to eye look recently. It defines my eyes, yet doesn't scream "hello I'm wearing eyeliner!" Love love love it!


Overall, I'm impressed by Chanel. I've never seen an eyeliner quite like this, and am so glad to have this in my collection. As for the lip balm, I'm impressed by the packaging, enough that I will go seek out another lippie, probably in the actual lipstick line so I can get a shade that suits me.  

Chanel fans, please let me know your recommendations for lippie shades or what other Chanel product I should try out next? Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Eyelash Glue explosion...

I've been a long faithful user of Duo, but recently I got enticed by Velour's eyelash glue, which come in these twist ups that remind me of lip glosses. What a mistake...

 So the first use was fine...except the tip was hard to wipe off clean after...

This is the glob that needs to be wiped off, which I did eventually with a makeup wipe. Regular tissue didn't work because the fibres stuck on to the silicone tip. I wiped off very cleanly, with nothing visible left behind...

Next time I try to use it though, I twist and twist...and twist and twist... and nothing is coming odd...then suddenly...

No, that is not mold on my ceiling...that is black eyelash glue...on my CEILING! The thing was just building pressure under whatever bit of glue dried up in the tip, and EXPLODED onto my ceiling, and across my entire bathroom vanity! Luckily it was not terribly difficult to wipe up once the glue dries, but it was everywhere...

1) do not keep twisting up if nothing is coming out...
2) always wipe up eyelash glue AFTER it dries
3) Duo is still the best... (unless you're allergic to latex, then I recommend the MUFE glue in the tiny bottle that comes with their lashes, too bad that doesn't sell individually...)

Have you had any makeup-related explosions? What was your worst? Describe me all the clean up details too...:) I needed to dig up a tall step ladder from deep within the labyrinth of my garage to get to my ceiling.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

August 2015: Empties + Decluterries

I realized that more and more of my empties posts contain products that I was just chucking out, which kind of clouds the point of empties (the point being to have a final say on a product that has been completely used up, which by then says more about it than my initial "omg I LOVE this!"). So I'm now going to do these posts in 2 sections. Click the jump if you're interested in my garbage from August! (ok that sounds terrible...but hopefully you are still interested...)