Friday, June 27, 2014

Review: Face Atelier Lip Liners in Tango and Sweet

I'm not a big lip liner person, so please take this review with a grain of salt as I don't have that much experience with different brands.  I recently bought some lip liners from Face Atelier, one to base red lipsticks and one to base pink ones. 

Tango - the swatch on the left, is a gorgeous matte strawberry red. It is super creamy, goes on easily and blends like a dream. Red lipsticks go over it easily but I have also worn it alone with gloss over top as the color is that gorgeous.
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Sweet - the swatch on the right, is a matte neutral pink. I was somewhat with this one as it is not nearly as creamy and takes a much harder hand to apply. If you look closely at the swatch above, it does not smooth over the skin as much as Tango (and I had to press quite hard to make that swatch). The color is fine, and works fine as a base, but I just don't like the feel and application of it.

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Overall, I have mixed feelings about these lip liners. If I just had Tango, I would have said they are amazing and recommended them whole-heartedly. However, the formula of Sweet doesn't measure up. This is an unfortunate inconsistency as it makes me unsure about whether to buy more...will the next color be amazing like Tango or be defunct like Sweet...  Guess that's the problem with ordering online. I think I will go to Blur Makeup Room at some point to test out more colors in person.

Which are your favorite lip liners? I'm looking to try other brands!

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