Wednesday, January 29, 2014

John Frieda Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer Review

A quick review today...of one of my HG hair products! Ever since I had my little girl and lost tons of hair, which then grew back haphazardly, I've had TONS of flyaways which are very hard to manage. I have tried hair spray on a brush, hand, gel, etc, but nothing really holds them down like THIS little thing that looks like mascara for your hair. It looks very similar to a clear brow gel, but works like nothing I have tried before (I have tried brow gel in my hair before, does not work...). I basically just brush this on as the last step on styling on those pesky flyaways, and they just stay down all day...and my hair looks smooth!  My only complaint though, is being a gel, it does flake at the end of the day if I brush my hair where I put the product on. It easily brushes out though if I continue so it's not a big deal.  Overall, love it love it and highly recommend you try it too!

Let me know your experience with this if you have tried it!

Monday, January 20, 2014

Battle of Luxury Lip Care: Hourglass Lip Treatment Oil vs 3LAB Perfect Lips

Hourglass - N° 28 Lip Treatment Oil
(photo from
3LAB Perfect Lips - 0.33 oz
(photo from


If one can buy lipbalms/chapsticks for mere dollars in drug stores, why spend so much for luxury lip care?! Well... there's people like me, who have very sensitive and easily chapped and peeling lips, who I think require a little more TLC! Oh heck who am I kidding, honestly, the high end products just "feel" nice. Packaging is nicer to use, and I do think they do slightly better for my lips than the $1 chapstick. How much is that worth the price tag... that is for you to decide. If you do decide to splurge, this post is my take on the 2 pricey lip care items I've been using consistently for the last couple of months.  Click on to read the full review!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Topbox January 2014 Unboxing

Yay 1st Topbox of 2014 is here!! The shipment date has now been moved to the 15th of the month, and I felt like I did my wishlist so long ago that I completely forgot what I "wished" for...but lo and behold...
(*Note: I've updated this post with brief reviews of the products I've been trying out)

The benefit box!

With the whole Chinese new year theme, nice...

My 1st peek inside...

What I pulled out first...

Turned out to be the fake up sample. I've been wanting to try this, so this is great, though I really wish it was a deluxe sample rather than this one-time use thing...
(*Update: This concealer is actually pretty darn good! It is moisturizing and does not stick to the dry patches I sometimes get under my eyes. It also holds up for a good 8 hrs or so without creasing. Unfortunately medium is a bit too yellow for me, but other than that, I will actually consider purchasing this product in a lighter shade)

I accidentally pulled out the product card next, tried not to read it...

And the goodies!

First up...(ok I really didn't count the fake-up sample as the first since it was so tiny).  I've been loving benefit's other infamous mascara, so this will be interesting to try for comparison.

*UPDATE: I've been trying this mascara for the past couple of weeks, with and without a mascara primer, lid primer, powder under my eyes, and all such combos. Why am I trying all these combos...because this mascara looks amazing on the lashes but smudges like mad in a few short hours, like reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally bad smudging. Sigh...I haven't been able to find a combo that makes this smudge less, so am giving up on it. I do have oily lids that smudges all things quite easily, so if you have dry lids I would still give this a try as it is amazing on the lashes: no clumps, volume and length, keeps curl, etc.)

Next, moisturizer! This I will totally make use of, a girl can't have too much moisturizers, especially in the winter (and with the -30C coming again next week to Toronto, sigh...)
(*Update: I've been using this daily for the past week and it is one of the best moisturizers I've ever used! Very moisturizing but doesn't feel sticky or oily and absorbs very quickly.)

Next, the infamous benetint. I tried this right away, it actually was not as pigmented as I expected, so I had to actually put quite a bit on both my cheeks and lips for it to show up at all, but it does give a nice natural "flush from within" look. One thing I didn't like (not unique to this) is just that tints in general I find very hard to wash off. It's just like staining your skin with a marker perhaps, takes some time to come off...  Overall, I still much prefer Face Atelier's Facade when I want that natural finish, because it's a much more pigmented product that is actually easier to blend, AND easier to wash off. 

And lastly, the infamous Porefessional primer, which I have been wanting to try but have been delayed with all the other new primers I've been trying lately (and hopefully one day will get to blogging about...). I love primers and use them for sure underneath foundations and BB creams (yes even though BBs advertise as primers, they still look and last better with a good primer) and some days even just go primer alone to even out my skin a bit and get some oil-control without powdering.
That's it, super quick unboxing post for this month. What did you get in yours?! Let me know in the comments and link to your blog I'd love to visit.