Monday, June 16, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz - Review + Comparison Swatches

I've been looking to try new brow products since my beloved YSL pencil is getting stubby (not cuz I don't love the YSL, it has made HG status - see full review here), but hey, whatever excuse for trying more stuff right :)

ABH is a brand that is mostly known for brow products, and I remember first hearing about them when their brow stencils came out (unfortunately the shapes didn't quite work for my asian brows). The brow wiz is a thin-mechanical-pencil-like product, which you twist up for more as it gets used up.

The tip is quite thin, and right away I was pleased with one thing: I don't need to sharpen this! EVER!

I chose the shade Medium Ash as I wanted something a bit more warm and brown for the summer. 

It comes with a spoolie to blend as with most brow pencils.  This spoolie is quite small, but precise.

Below is are comparison swatches to some of the other brow pencils I have used in the past. As I'm getting older I like the lighter pencils as I find the darker grey/black aging on me.

The Brow Wiz in Medium Ash is of course a brown pencil, but it actually doesn't look unnaturally brown (if you're asian you will know what I mean!).  I have long stopped using the Shiseido Deep Brown for this very reason (though I think that pencil will look great if you have colored your hair brown, but it doesn't work for my black hair).  Surprisingly, the brow wiz fills in my brows, gives it a light brown tinge, but without the artificial brown brow look I was getting with Shiseido.

The formula is much less waxy (ie. harder pencil tip) compared to Shiseido and YSL.  This allows me to draw on hairs in a natural way, and when blended it maintains that look. The Shiseido is much softer and waxier, and when blended out loses the individual-hair look and becomes a sort of darkly pigmented block of a brow (which is actually amazing for outdoor photography when the sunlight can otherwise make my brows disappear, but not so much for everyday!).  YSL doesn't do this despite it being soft, as the shade is a nice neutral grey which blends seamlessly right into my natural hairs.

Have you tried the Brow Wiz by ABH? What did you think? For me, this is a keeper for the summer and I'll enjoy using it, but I don't think it's good enough to top the YSL.


  1. I need to try this pencil. I am currently using a powder that is not available anymore, and waiting for the dreadful day that I need find something else to fill my brows. I hate that unnatural looking brown brows, which i tend to end up with.

    1. Yes do try it! The shade range is also quite large compared to other brands, so if this doesn't work for you can try a different shade :)