Sunday, June 8, 2014

Review: Face Atelier Lip Putty and Lip Rx

 Face Atelier is one of my favorite pro brands. Their products work, customer service is great, and they use minimalistic-functional packaging. Today I'm reviewing their lip-care products, the Lip Putty, and Lip Rx.

Lip Putty is advertised to moisturize and fill in lip lines/wrinkles to give lip color a smooth surface and prevent bleeding. It certainly does that and is a great lip primer. I recommend putting this on at the beginning of your makeup routine, then when you're ready to do lips (usually last), wipe off the excess product and apply your usual lip color.  I find doing the wipe helps leave the thin layer needed to act as a primer, as too much of this product can make lip colors appear more faded.

This product leaves my lips moisturized, smooth, and makes my lip color go on more smoothly (doesn't cling to any annoying dry flakes, which I'm very prone to). I love it so much I have 2 backups already...

Next is the Lip Rx, which are essentially tinted lip balms. They come 3 colors (I have 2 of them). The one I don't have is called "Naked", and I gather from the website it is a sheer sheen.  The one above is called "Prim Rose", and is a sheer dark raspberry color. The texture is unlike the Lip Putty (which is more smooth), and is more "tacky".  

This is "Sahara", which is a bronze-tinted nude shade.

Swatched on the arm: Left - Sahara; Right - Prim Rose

These shades are actually quite sheer but buildable, what you see above took about 3-4 swipes to build.

Lip Swatches: my bare lip (as you can see, very dry and lots of lines! I also have a bad habit of biting my lips >.< )

With Sahara:

With Prim Rose

I find Sahara a bit more pigmented on me with more swipes, but both colors are very natural looking. They are great for tossing in your purse and you don't need a mirror to apply them (they're sheer enough if you go outside your lip line a little it won't show!).

This is my first time doing lip swatches, hope you found them helpful! If you have tried these let me know what you think or what your favorite lip care products are!

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