Monday, June 30, 2014

Review: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

I think I'm starting to get over the BB cream craze... saw this classic tinted moisturizer as a 100 point perk on Sephora and thought, hey... everyone loved this before the BB/CC/DDs came along, let's give it a try?

This came in the shade "Nude" (was the only option). It goes on looking like it may be a bit too yellow or light for my skintone but then oxidizes, and actually becomes a shade darker than my skintone. 

In the swatch blended out above, you can see it just catches the bounced flash ever so slightly more than the surrounding skin. I like the effect on my face. Doesn't look like makeup at all (I'm starting to not be able to say this of BB creams, some of them can look quite heavy...), and gives me a nice glow. Unfortunately because it oxidizes a shade too dark for me it contrasts with my neck and chest (and my chest is several shades lighter than my face right now even without this).  Maybe I can start putting bronzer on my neck and chest... =P

Otherwise, this feels moisturizing on my face, and certainly doesn't accentuate my dry patches (which some BB creams do on me). It doesn't have all those skincare benefits some BBs tote, but hey, I got my skincare for that. Me = happy camper with this one!

Do you still love BB creams or have you found yourself getting back to your tinted moisturizers? Let me know your favs!


  1. I once purchased a full size tube but had to return it because of the color issue. The lightest one was still too dark. Too bad cause its finish is quite lovely.

    1. I know eh! I like the finish too but it's oxidizing so much I think I won't bother trying a lighter shade, feels like it will also just oxidize similarly