Thursday, June 5, 2014

Make Up For Ever HD Powder Review

This is the infamous white powder that has been creating a big fuss due to celebrities being photographed with white powder on their face.

(eg. The beautiful Angelia Jolie... personally this doesn't mar her beauty at all!)


This is a pure silica powder product that was originally designed for HD filming (and that it works great for that!) by blurring all the little imperfections that show up so well on HD film. It however was not designed for flash photography, which leads to that ghastly white flashback.

All that information is super important for the industry MUA, as its use really depends on the job. Those working on TV/film love this, those doing editorial photography not so much.

For the non-MUA consumer however, what does this information translate to?

To start with, the same principle applies. If you are going to an event where flash photography is happening (ie. special event/wedding guest), I would just avoid this.  Yes there are ways to cut that flashback down with setting spray or by just using a super light hand, but why have that nagging "what if it flashes back" in the back of your head when there are sooooooo many other great powders out there that don't do this?! (ie. "traditional" pigment powders)

If you're being HD filmed (which is rare if not never for the average person), and at the same time not being photographed, then go ahead this will be great!

What about in person day to day? It does blur imperfections and keep oil at bay, however many other traditional powders does this just as well.

Overall, MUAs need to have this product in their kit (especially in TV/film) but I would suggest that for everyday looks for the consumer, to just stick to the good old traditional powders (there was nothing wrong with them before...why change a good thing!). 

How do you feel about these HD powders? Feel free to disagree with me and let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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