Friday, December 4, 2015

Ciate Lashlights - aka Colored Mascara that ACTUALLY shows up on Asian lashes!!

I love colored mascara, but they have always disappointed me because my lashes are black, and the color never shows up. Beautiful in the tube, and nothing special on my lashes. There once was a Elizabeth Arden blue mascara that showed up in the sun, that was special...until now!

Ciate is a nailpolish brand, not sure why they made mascara, but I'm sure glad they did! 

The applicator is a comb, rather than a brush. You comb this through your lashes AFTER putting your regular black mascara on (maybe this was what I was supposed to do with all those other colored mascaras that didn't work? Ah but they never instructed me to do that...)

I don't need to say anymore...this photo somehow looks photoshopped to me, like I drew green lines on my lashes. Except I don't know how to use photoshop so this mascara is just plain awesome...

Oh, and it doesn't smudge, and removes well with the bi-phasic stuff. 

 Do you have a favorite colored mascara that actually shows up on dark lashes? If you didn't before you do now :)