Thursday, July 18, 2013

Topbox July 2013 Review

I finally got off the Topbox waiting list and here it is, my first Topbox! I used to think I wouldn't like the surprise element...but I gotta admit, there was a nice pleasant feeling getting the box in the mail and not knowing what was inside...opening the tube and felt like getting a present :)  Anyhow, if you don't know what Topbox is yet, it's one of many subscription box companies. It's a Toronto company as well, so brownie points there! The idea is that you pay for a monthly subscription, and each month you get a box of beauty samples. Some of the samples are deluxe sized which can actually last awhile, and here and there full size products pop up as well. In the end, the added value of what you get is well over the monthly price. My sense is that these boxes are best for people who like to try new things.  You may find something you like or that new HG product, or you may find out what you do NOT like, which is equally as valuable I think! (so that you don't then go wasting money buying something you won't like, cuz you've already tried the sample!) Topbox costs $12+tax/month.  Click the jump to see what I got inside!!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Powder Brush Review

I've actually had these brushes for awhile, but I resisted writing a review too quickly as I wanted to see how they held up with time.  If you haven't heard of Real Techniques yet, it's a line of brushes made by popular Youtube guru Samantha Chapman (of "pixiwoo").  They're extremely affordable, which made me hesitate at first as I've bought my share of cheap brushes that turned out to be disasters - shedding, bleeding, entire brush head falling right off, etc.  Sometimes the disaster happened on the first wash, and sometimes it happened a few washes later.  Well, I'm finally writing the review now because I've had these brushes for a few months, and I've washed them quite a few times, and they've held up! Click the jump for more thoughts and photos!