Tuesday, January 5, 2016

3 months of Empties and 2015 Reflections

Happy New Year Everyone! I'm posting less and less these days and even didn't get around to doing my usual monthly empties, so am now combining 3 months worth. A lot has happened in 2015. There was a break in, and identity theft for the bad things. I started weight lifting with a personal trainer, and my daughter is growing and developing in the cutest way possible for the good things. I didn't make any new year resolutions really, but have come more and more to realize that what needs cherishing is the people and moments of connection in my life, not the "things". Despite that, we all do need and use "things" in our lives, and part of that is beauty products! It's just about having the right perspective... nothing wrong with enjoying that moment of glee at opening a new lipstick, but my mood shouldn't be based on whether I can get the latest limited edition product, I will enjoy and use what I have.

Along with that, blog-wise, I've decided to no longer write about the "blah", or the "meh", or the "okay" products. Time is precious, and I don't want to waste my time or yours on those, that really tell both you and I nothing, other than that I forced myself through to the end using them up for the sake of "not wasting". So for these empties, I'll show a photo of the whole load I used but I'll only discuss the products that were great and of worth to recommend, or the ones that were so dreadful that I'd recommend you avoid. The stuff in between...there's too many of those to waste time on. Perhaps in 2016 I will also waste less of my own time and face on using those products at all, and focus really on using what I love!

First up, Enkore brush soap, ahhh-mazing! Highly recommend, easy to use and smells good, and gets my brushes very clean. Next, Nest Orange Blossom shower gel, smells oh so good and cleans without drying me out, I very much enjoyed using this up to the end! 
Shu Uemura Anti-Oxi cleansing oil, Shu's cleansing oils really live up to their hype, I really enjoyed using this and highly recommend it! It cleanses well and doesn't dry me out.

Hourglass Lip Treatment Oil, this is my HG lip care for bedtime, it's expensive but lasted me a very long time of daily use. So good for my lips and the gold tip is very soothing.
YSL eyebrow pencil in Ash, I always come back to this. It's very natural looking and I enjoy each pencil to the last bit (they unfortunately get used up very quickly as it's a soft pencil). 
Benefit They're Real Mascara, defines and lengthens without smudging, and is easy to remove, my HG mascara. 

That's all for now. I don't know when I'll post next but it'll only be for a product I really really love and will use daily. I wish you all a very blessed 2016! Share with me any reflections you had from 2015 and any beauty resolutions you may have made :)