Thursday, August 21, 2014

Topbox August 2014

I haven't done a Topbox post in awhile, mostly as I had been getting prive boxes which weren't as exciting to post as the regular box to contribute to the "what was in your box" curiosity :) 

This time, I actually looked at spoilers prior to opening the package *gasp*. Busy-ness with my toddler prevented me from doing a day-of opening and posting is partially the reason but otherwise I may be over my want/need for surprise.

Click on to read my initial impressions of the loot!

I find the name "barefoot" for a hand cream kinda funny, but it is a good thick hand cream that doesn't leave me too greasy. It feels a bit like the creams from C & E.  It's a good size to throw in my bag (during winters I have a hand cream in every bag as I get suuuuper dry and crackly).

Next is is acetone-free nailpolish remover wipes. This product actually looks EXACTLY like another product I frequently buy, which comes in multiple flavors, but under a different company. Sigh private labeling... I feel the packaging could have been changed even just a little to stand out from the other, but alas it is exactly the same minus the company name.

Here we have another crayon type lip product. There was another one of something similar couple of months ago that wasn't great, so I didn't have high hopes for this. It's advertised as moisturizing with shea butter and peppermint.
natural lighting

bounced flash
This product is actually quite sheer, the swatch is with 4 swipes and it barely shows. This orangey-pastel color was intriguing in the package but unfortunately made me look ill (it reminded me a lot of the Benefit Posie tint I received in another box, which was more pink but was in this light pastel range). The pigment also catches in my lip fine lines. Not good... It does feel moisturizing though and I like the mint. For the sake of not wasting product I may keep trying this with colored lip glosses over top to see if it helps. 

Lastly I got 3 foil packets of hair oil for color treated hair, which I unfortunately don't have. I will pass this on to someone who colors their hair...

So that's it. Overall, the hand cream is probably the highlight of this month. Despite my lack of pleasure in the products I still recommend Topbox as a business. For $12 it's definitely worth it to try out these products, which even if I don't like, I now know not to go and buy at full price. 

Share with me what was in your box and your blog post!


  1. I, too, like the hand cream the best in my box. The lip pencil isn't quite as sheer on my lips and I find it a bit neon orange on mine.

    1. It's interesting how lippies translate differently on different people. It's orange creamsicle on me, but a sickly one :(