Thursday, August 7, 2014

Empties #1

My first empties post... I used to always just toss my used up packaging of products away without a second thought, with my only next thought being "yay time to try something new"! Recently as I've started to look at others' "empties" posts/videos, I realize it's actually a great "final word" on products. Also the fact that it even got used up (full sizes anyways) says something since most of us product junkies have too much stuff on the go at once that to use something up means something... (what does it mean though? let's find out!)


First up, deluxe sample size of EA daily serum. This sample lasted me about 10 days. It felt nice, but nothing magical happened.

Next, the Shiseido White Lucent softener (a toner product), which is a staple for me. I have bought this at least 5 times now throughout the last few years. It helps to clear off any residue I haven't washed off my face with my cleanser and is soothing. Unfortunately it doesn't actually brighten anything on my face, but I still like it nevertheless. YSL eyebrow pencil... this has been reviewed before here.  It has come to more of a stub now and is becoming unusable as it's hard to grab onto and sharpen.  As mentioned in my review post, I love this and it's been repurchased. My "final word" is still: great product!

I finished my Kate Somerville Goat Milk moisturizing cream, which I was using at night. It did good. However not so amazing to deserve a repurchase. I'm onto other things!

Lastly...this obviously isn't "empty", but has been used for about 3 months now and is time for it to go bye-bye. It's a Japanese Konjac sponge I got from T&T. This thing is rock hard when dry, but becomes super soft and cushy when wet thoroughly, and does a nice job of gentle exfoliation. I've repurchsed this as it's become a staple.

Well, there you have it, my first empties post... it felt kinda nice to say a last word on these! I think I will keep doing these posts...makes me want to use up more stuff!


  1. I love reading others' empties' post as they say a lot about the products. I have tried a few Shiseido White Lucent products but haven't tried the toner and it sounds like it is pretty good. I'm currently using the Origins United toner but always nice to know a good recommendation for my next purchase.

    1. Yes you should definitely try it! It feels moisturizing too, not drying at all like some toners can be.