Friday, August 22, 2014

IOPE Air Cushion XP SPF50+ N21 Ice Vanilla

I first heard of this brand from Shopping Obsession Blog. I don't think I have actually bought a "real" Korean product before (ie. one that's not been specifically made for the North American market, so I'm not counting Dr. Jart+) and after this, I am impressed!

Mix of chemical and physical sunscreens

This was a bit of a random find, as I was browsing around Pacific Mall with my mom and passed by Amore, which is a Korean store that sells products by AmorePacific (though mainly I saw a lot of IOPE and Sulwhasoo).  The IOPE cushion was on their main display, and I remembered it being reviewed positively by Shopping Obsession Blog (see her review here), so on that memory and the help of the lovely saleslady I my first dip into Korean beauty! $45 CDN dip....

Refill cushion comes in the package, awesome!

There are actually 2 "lines" of this BB/CC cream-type product. One is "N", which is more natural sheer coverage and comes in 3 shades. The other is "C" which is more moderate coverage and was much more dewy-almost-shimmery when I swatched it in store. "C' comes in 2 shades. I chose "N" since I didn't want that much dewiness and didn't think I needed that high coverage. "C" also looked like it could cake up if I put too much on.

The packaging is like any plastic compact with a push-button-open mechanism, however it's super pretty as the white is infused with microglitter. It also feels nice and luxe when being held (yup I'm superficial like that...). 

Nice big mirror that's great for touch-ups on the go

It comes with a soft sponge for application, which the saleslady recommended to apply in dabbing/stippling motions rather than wiping. This takes longer but gives a nice smooth non-streaky finish. 

Product is sealed until you're ready to dive in...

Ooh plushy cushion...

 To get the product on the sponge, I just lightly dab it into the cushion part (the cushion is soaked in the product). Then I stipple it onto my face, starting in the centre areas where most of my redness/blotchiness resides.

Cushion product on the application sponge
The product is actually quite buildable and I can get medium coverage out of it before it starts to look cakey. It also blends beautiful with the stippling and really doesn't look like makeup on. Surprisingly, the finish on my face is demi-matte, similar to that of MUFE HD. Just enough subtle glow for a healthy look, but matte enough to not require powder!

Swatch with a couple of dabs of the sponge. Subtle but beautiful on the face!
 Without powder, this lasts well throughout the workday, but does start to look a bit blotchy by the very end of the night. If you have somewhere fancy to go after school/work I suggest bringing along the compact for touching up, or set it with powder before you head out.

Overall, I love love love this product! I think I am more keen on trying Korean products now... (thank you Shopping Obsession Blog ^_^). I also highly recommend the Amore store in Pac Mall, the ladies are really nice there and not snobby like some other sales people can be in Pac Mall...  They also gave me this IOPE skincare deluxe sample set below along with a few foil samples of Sulwhasoo skincare (not shown). All added to a great shopping experience as who doesn't like some GWP, especially when it came unexpected!

What are your favorite Korean products? Let me know also where you get them so I can go try!


  1. thanks for the shoutout :) This one has to be one of my favorite Korean makeup product. Even though it is a bit pricey, as it comes with one refill and I can justify. Will definitely re-purchase it once I run out. Good to know the sales ladies at the Amore Store in Pacific Mall are nice and friendly. I may have to go pay them a visit soon :)

    1. It's definitely one of my favorite BB/CC creams now as well, just feels so nice to use! Ooh and make sure to also sign up for their rewards program, it's free and I think you get $10 for every $300 you spend

  2. Wow this looks like fabulous stuff - I would really like to try it but have never seen it stocked locally - must go check it out online x

    1. it is very fabulous indeed! good luck finding it!

  3. Lovely review :) would you say shade N21 is more yellow undertone or pink undertone? I'm looking for a shade that would suit me, and right now, I'm scared N23 would be too dark, but if N21 is pink, then it would clash with my yellow undertones T_T

    1. It's neutral undertone, which is great for me as a lot of products are either too pink or too yellow! Do you have a store nearby? Best to try it on person, but I don't think it'll clash on you :)