Saturday, August 9, 2014

Sephora The Perfectionist Makeup Sponge

 Got this from the sale section at Sephora. I love the beauty blender but it's so darn expensive for something that needs to be replaced regularly that I keep looking for dupes.

This expands a fair bit with water, though not as much as the BB (which doubles up in size). It feels nice and bouncy on the face though is a bit too malleable. The BB is soft yet stiff enough to get good stippling without having to press too hard. This one I find I have to press harder to do the stippling properly.

The shape is also...meh... It's fine. I think the pointy ends are meant for concealer or around eyes/nose area, however it's not stiff enough to do this. The point just gets squished and becomes flattened. The BB's pointy end does a much better job.

expanded with water
 One cute inclusion is the little stand which lets the sponge air dry without contacting a flat surface. Lovely addition.

The foundation result is very similar to the BB, so no complaints there.
Overall, good enough dupe for end result, though the "feel" with usage is not up to par.  I think I will use it intermittently between my BB so I don't have to replace that as often.

Have you found any good BB dupes?


  1. This Sephora dupe looks very interesting with its shape. I would guess the smaller pointy part is good for around the eyes and nose? I have tried many dupes of the beauty blender. One of them is the old version of Real Techniques one(which is discontinued) and works very well so I think I would try the new version if I can find it.

    1. I have the newer Real Techniques sponge (or I think it's the newer), it works well too though I find it retains a lot of water even after I squeeze out as much as I can, so feels like I'm wetting my face as I stipple :P