Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Decorative Storage for Makeup Brushes

I have too many brushes... other than the ones in current rotation that sit out on my bathroom counter (see bathroom makeup organization post), all my other personal use brushes used to sit in a makeup bag in a dark drawer. The kit brushes are of course tucked away in their brush roll, but my own supply was a bit of a mess.  I recently saw on one of JaackJack's videos that she had put her brushes into a jar with a lid, and so thought I'd make my own version that's decorative and can sit on my chest drawer. 

I got this $10 jar w/ lid from Loblaws (President Choice brand). The lid is great to keep the dust out since these brushes are essentially in "storage". 

The fillers I got from Dollarama, each color was $1. I like this color combination but wish I poured it a little better (I was aiming for two slants, but it somehow became a curve instead hehe).

The brushes stick in the fillers and stand well. With the lid off they're super easy to access.

I only store my eye brushes this way currently as the face brushes are too big and I feel like I would need a fatter jar. One day when I find the right jar...

How do you store your brushes?


  1. such a great idea to store brushes. Having a lid makes sense. I just store mine in a pen/pencil holder from the stationery store. But always hard to find the brush I need as it is overly crowded.

    1. This will definitely help separate the brushes out to avoid crowding, though you probably will need more than one of these jars :)