Saturday, August 16, 2014

Shiseido The Makeup Accentuating Color Stick (Multi-Use) - S2 Peach Flush - Swatch & Review

Woa that was a mouthful of a name...Regardless of the long name, the product is a simple color stick that can be used on cheeks or lips (hence "multi-use", though I suppose it's really "dual-use"... I wonder where else would I use it??). 

I actually have had this for awhile, but it disappeared into the bottom of my stash and I recently re-discovered it. Upon re-using, I now remember how awesome this product is and how much I love the formula.

I have this in Peach Flush, which as the name states, is a peachy-coral shade with a very small amount of shimmer that gives a nice glow but is really not noticeably shimmery. The color is easy to wear and pairs without any look without too much thinking, however what I love most is the formula. It goes on my cheeks butter smooth and blends super easily with fingers into what feels like nothing. I've tried cream blushes before that leaves a sticky feeling on my cheeks, but this doesn't! It's not powdery and really just feels like I'm not wearing anything. 

This swatch is only one swipe on the left, and on the right is the same amount blended. It gives a very soft natural flush to my complexion and doesn't really appear as if I'm wearing blush unless I put a lot on.

I don't really like this on my lips though, it is a bit drying but my lips are super-annoyingly sensitive, so it may be fine on yours. 

I should dig around in my piles more often... I've re-found a HG blush! What's also awesome is the amount of product, I actually cut 1/4 of it off before for a DIY tinted lip balm, and I still have tons left. It'll probably be a looong while before I run out of this thing.

Have you tried any multi-use sticks? What's your favorite?


  1. Now that my makeup is somewhat more organized, I rediscovered more and more products I loved before and couldn't find them due to messiness. I love multi-use product. I haven't tried this Shiseido one. The shade is very pretty. I often find these product is more drying on the lips than on cheeks for some reason.

    1. Hm now that you mention it that's true, any cheek/lip product I've tried I always prefer to use on my cheeks rather than lips. You should try it if you can it's very good! (maybe with the next Sephora deal :)