Thursday, August 28, 2014

Face Atelier Ultra Blush - Tangerine

I'm sharing one of my all-time favorite blushes today. I love Face Atelier as a brand and many of their products (especially the foundation!), and have now come to love their blush. 

Their packaging is simple and functional, and that's all. No fuss.

This shade is called Tangerine, and as the name says is a orange-peach-corally shade.
A snapshot I took before I dug in to this beauty a year ago

You might be thinking, orange as a blush?! I am surprised too, but actually this is one of the most natural blushes I own. 

one swipe swatch on the right, same type of swatch blended out on the left

As you can you, it blends smoothly and translate to a natural warm corally-pink on the my skin. The effect is very similar to my Shiseido Color Stick in Peach Flush (click to see my review). The exception is that this FA blush is completely matte, whereas Shiseido is slightly shimmery.

Overall, a HG blush that hasn't left my bathroom daily-makeup pile since I got it! If you haven't tried any FA blushes yet I highly recommend it!

You can buy Face Atelier Blush for $26 CDN on their website.

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