Saturday, August 30, 2014

How I got on with Glamglow

Ok so I'm yet again super late to try the hype... I wasn't willing to shell out the full amount for the wonder product so many have talked about, so waited until I got it in a Topbox. Finally got around to trying it...

You've probably seen all over the blog-sphere by now what this looks like if you haven't yet tried it yourself... but in case not, this is what it looks like: mud-base with tea leaves on your face. You can visibly see the drying and you wash it off after it dries. 

My first impression when I cheeks felt as smooth as a baby's! And I have a baby at home to compare to... However, unfortunately it really didn't make my skin look any better other than making it feel smoother on touch. So darn it, this hype was over-hyped for me.

Now here's the thing, I then tried this on my mom who is in her late 50s, and woa, it really did amazing things for her! Her skin looked brighter, appeared to have less wrinkles, smoother, and the whole she-bang this thing advertised! This leaves me to think that overall this is a good product for those with more mature skin, but unfortunately just didn't do much for me.

Did this work for you? I'm writing this only after first impression, so if it's supposed to do more magic after a few uses please let me know and I will keep trying...


  1. I don't have much luck with seeing significant result with this YouthMud exfoliating mask. It is super tingling for me and I'm not sure if I like that tightening feeling. But I like the Supermud(the white jar) so much better. I use it to deep cleanse my face and also as a spot treatment. I see immediate result(smaller and tighter pores).

    1. Good to know thanks for the recommendation!

  2. hmmm I shoudl try this, the current stuff I use doesn't really have the effect that your mom had. thanks for sharing!