Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bathroom Makeup Organization

I know it's not the best idea to store makeup in the bathroom due to the heat and humidity, however it has the best lighting and available counter space for me to slap my face on each morning so I keep my "on-the-go" stash there (the stuff I'm testing/using-for-the-week/staples). 

I recently came across some nice acrylic organizers at Marshalls (similar to Winners) and decided to reorganize my bathroom makeup.  I hope to have a vanity one day with nice drawers for the rest of my collection, but alas that will have to wait until I get my life (with my toddler and dog) more organized.

My work kit is always packed in it's own setup (I use a large craft organizer that I can carry around) though I sometimes want to reorganize that too. Organizing can be a total trap!!! I organize one thing and feel like other things are not up to par anymore and need to be re-organized... 

Anyhow, enough of pre-amble, here is what I've done with my bathroom for now. The products get switched up every 2-3 weeks or so as these are my day to day easily-reachables.

This is the acrylic counter top organizer I got from Marshalls. It has a lot of compartments and two little "drawers" at the bottom. It houses the current brushes I have in rotation and the products I use daily or nearly every day.

When the drawers are closed it forms a nice round base design. Pretty good for $25! I love how it allows super easy and quick access to the products, great for my bleary-eyed mornings (which is every morning...)
*Any Lancome fans spot a very old LE product? I have yet to find anything like it so can't part with it yet even though it's very very old...

The second acrylic organizer I got from Marshalls has special lip product compartments. I actually already had one just like it that I was using already in this drawer, but it had less compartments (only 9 lippies, where as this one holds 12!). There was an even more massive lippie organizer there (16!) but unfortunately it was too big for my drawer so I didn't buy it.

If you have a vanity this organizer could probably just sit on top, but I don't have enough bathroom counter space for that so I house it in my drawer. These are the products that are used 1-2x/wk anyways so pulling out a drawer doesn't bother me too much.

Here's a look at the rest of that drawer. I'm not 100% happy with it at the moment but it is what it is right now. I have a little acrylic square thing for more complexion products and the little green basket holds the samples I'm about to try out. 

Deeper in the drawer at mesh organizers I got from Target. One side is lashes/primer stuff and the other is finishing powders (and the random Too Faced sample that got tossed in there too, maybe I subconsciously used it to cover up my Hourglass palette...my precious...lol jk, but really, it's an awesome palette!). 

Here's that drawer in it's entirety.

The drawer on the other side of the counter doesn't look as nice (because it doesn't have the lippies of course...), but it houses skincare items.

Do you keep makeup in your bathroom? Are you a "spreader" or do you like to put things away? I'm a "spreader" naturally and this is my effort at trying to change that... Please share with me your organization posts I'd love to see what you do with your space!



  1. I store my daily-used makeup in the bathroom also. I like to put things away so it would give me more counter space. I have acrylic organizers put on the countertop to put my lip and face products. I store my eye makeup and other face products in the drawers. I got those kitchen utensil trays for my drawers to keep things organized.

    1. I agree more counter space is good, just looks cleaner and neater. Great idea to use kitchen utensil trays!