Saturday, May 31, 2014

Lancome Gloss in Love - Pink Pampille

 A short post today... sharing the lip gloss I have been loving recently by Lancome. The whole "in love" collection has been out for a couple years or more now, but I'm just discovering it in the last few months (I'm always a bit late on these things...).

One interesting thing about the packaging is the "click" button you see above. Instead of twisting and opening the tube, one just presses the button to release the wand. Innovative but sometimes without thinking I end up twisting the wand in my bleary-eyed mornings, and getting frustrated at why the darn cap is not coming off until I realize I'm supposed to press the button, argh!

 The applicator tip is also bent, which is unusual.  I use the caved-in side for my lower lips and the back side for my uppers.

As you can see, this shade is quite sheer, and adds a nice soft pinky tone to any underlying lip color.
The formula is very moisturizing, and doesn't feel too tacky or sticky on the lips. It also makes my lips look nice and plump without being overly shimmery.

Overall, I LOVE this! 

What has been your favorite lipgloss recently? Share with me in the comments!

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