Sunday, May 4, 2014

Dermablend Quick-Fix SPF30 Concealer Review

 I have bluish-brown dark circles under my eyes and have forever been searching for the right combination of products to mask and brighten that area. Dermablend is a brand that has been often discussed amongst MUAs because of it's high coverage. There happened to be a sale on Nailpolish Canada for their makeup products so I decided to give this a try. The SPF30 doesn't hurt, though I don't care much for it since I never put concealer over my ENTIRE face (who does?!) and spot-SPF-ing doesn't make sense to me.

I bought the shade "natural", which is the darker of the shades for very fair skin. 

This is a stick-cream concealer that comes in a twist-up tube much like a lipstick.

Here is a one-swipe swatch on the left, and then a finger-blended-out swatch on the right (photo with flash)

This is a photo taken without flash, ugh you'll have to excuse how bad my skin looks here (side note: lighting is everything!! I super appreciate the work of good photographers...good makeup means nothing if the lighting and photography isn't good...). 

My impression: this is a full coverage concealer that blends quite easily and certainly can be sheered down. I have quite dry under eye area near my tear duct and did not find any creasing with this product. It also can look very natural when a light-hand is used (a little of this goes a looong way so don't use too much!), though will start to look like it's sitting-atop-the-skin at the end of the night (though we are talking about 16 hrs wear, not bad at all).

This shade is actually a bit too light for me, but I find that it brightens my under-eye area well as long as I use color-correctors underneath (I use the Giorgio Armani corrector). Without the correctors though, it does give a grey cast to my under eyes, though keep in mind if your skin is fairer than mine or you have different colored under-eye circles this may not be an issue for you with this shade.

Overall, with the coverage and blend-ability, this concealer has now become my go-to everyday concealer. I have stopped using the Armani HPR concealer this winter on my under-eye area as I'm finding it catches and emphasizes my dry patches too easily (my undereye area near the tear duct is very dry).  My routine now is eye cream, Armani corrector, then Dermablend concealer. I'm quite happy with the results as this cream concealer does not catch my dry patches at all, and will keep going at this until I find something better :)

This concealer is $27 CDN on
It's mid-range, and not a bad price at all for its performance if comparing to the Armani which is almost double the price.

*Disclosure: None. Product bought with my own money. I'm not affliated with this company nor any companies mentioned in the post.

Please comment and let me know what your thoughts are on this product and/or what your favorite under-eye concealer is right now!

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