Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Face Atelier #9 and #10 Brush Review

Introducing my two favorite eye brushes! Face Atelier is an awesome Calgary-based brand that is known in the MUA world for their foundation (known to equal the infamous Armani but with more coverage). I have been trying out their brushes recently and am quite happy with these two eye brushes! They are always "out" on my makeup counter and in use :)

Below is #9, the "blender". I love this shape with eye brushes, as it nicely gets into the crease and blends out shadows easily and without tugging on the delicate skin (of which mine is starting to sag with age, boohoo). It's also uber soft.

Aside from performance, I have not noticed any shedding or dye-running when washing this. 

Below is #10, the "flat liner". This brush is amazing at tightlining (lining the root of the lashes). It has a very flat and thin profile, and wiggles right into the lash roots and deposits color in a thin line, and you can keep wiggling if you want a more smudgy/thicker line. It gives a natural look with dark shadow or gel liner and the like. 

As well, no shedding or dye-running with washing.

I own Sigma brushes that are very similar to these two, but I have to say these two perform better. They are unfortunately more expensive than Sigma (#9 is $36 CDN and #10 is $26 CDN), unless you're a MUA/student in which case there is a pro discount available. 

Brushes can be bought from Face Atelier's website.  I am not affliated with them and bought these brushes with my own money. Opinions are my own.

What are your favorite eye brushes? Share with me in the comments!

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