Friday, May 2, 2014

Anastasia Beverly Hills - Tinted Brow Gel Review

My brows are incredibly unruly (thank you stiff Asian hair), and always needs a brow gel or wax though I have not yet found one that can hold my brows in place all day.  I have heard much positive reviews about all the various Anastasia brow products so finally tried my first from this brand, their brow gel.  

I bought the color "Granite", it's a grey-ish dark brown. Ordinarily I prefer grey eyebrow products, and this is the closest color in this range.

The brush just looks like any regular mascara/brow gel brush. I find that it lightens my brows ever so slightly and gives them more of a grey-taupey tinge. I quite like it now that spring is here and I'm going for a "lighter" look than the heavy winter brows I was sporting.

As for hold, I'd say it's about "medium", since my brows become unruly again after a few hours. So no luck for me yet for finding a brow gel that can hold my brows in place all day.

Overall I would recommend this product if you're wanting to try tinting your eyebrows and don't mind the price ($29 CDN). It doesn't give any more volume to the eyebrow, just a tint. The hold isn't ideal for me, though probably would be more than fine if you have thinner eyebrow hairs.

Let me know if you have this what you thought of it, or if you know of any super strong hold eyebrow products that can tame my unruly hairs please recommend!!

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