Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Velour Lashes - Are Those Real

I don't use fake lashes often, they really just come out for very special occasions (weddings etc.). I've tried Ardell, various Asian brands, and now I've found the HG...I've actually had this pair for almost a year now. I'm only calling it HG now because I have been able to use it a few times, and each time I get compliments. One lovely friend said it looks like I just used some "awesome mascara" rather having fake lashes on. 

Velour advertises that their lashes are 100% mink. The lashes feel very light and soft on, not at all uncomfortable like some brands that can be stiff and heavy. Velour advertises 25-30x wear. I haven't hit that yet, and the lashes have had some fall-out when I pull off the glue at the end of the night, though not in a noticeable way. Regardless, it's worth the $30 USD price for me! 

You can buy these at www.velourlashes.com (I'm not associated or affliated with this company, just love the lashes!)

Let me know what your favorite fake lashes are!

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