Friday, May 16, 2014

Topbox May 2014 Unboxing

It's here! For those of you not familiar with Topbox, it's a subscription box service. $12/mo + tax gets you 4-5 little deluxe sample surprises to your door. I love it for trying out different brands/products so then I know what to get full size of and what to avoid completely! 

 Environmentally friendly this month with the organza bag. The break from the tube is quite nice.

Click the jump to see what I got in my box!!

This is the first time I pulled out and read the card first instead of just going right to the products. It's looking hopeful...

Yay bag of goodies! How can this not be a good end to a long week...

This doesn't really count as a's an empty Lancome sample jar with a card to go to your nearest Lancome counter to get a foundation sample. It's a bit pointless because the counter ladies can easily give you a sample without this card if you ask nicely (and especially if you were buying other things anyhow...)

Another pinky nailpolish for spring. This shade is coral-ish and this is going to be a cute mini add-on to a gift I'm preparing for someone. 

I actually got a deluxe sample of the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference exfoliating cleanser awhile back and am totally digging it. So I'm quite happy to receive now the SPF lotion, expecting good things! Will update this post when I've tested it out.

One downside is the tube is quite deluxe sample of the cleanser (came from the Bay) is at least 2-3x the size of this. 

Hypnose Doll Lashes...not a bad mascara, a little bit smudgy on me but will probably be fine for those of you with less oily lids. I already have one so this one will go into my work kit and be gifted to whoever I'm working on next (with full size mascaras in my kit, out comes the disposable wands, but with samples, I find it easier just to give it to the person after it's used on him/her). 

Ooh, and last but not least, a very new product to me...
It's the Benefit Posie Balm, a lip balm in the shade of Benefit's Posie Tint (lip and cheek stain).

If you've not tried Benefit's lip&cheek stains before...I recommend you try it out in Sephora before buying.  They are super natural looking and great when I'm doing makeup on others, but I find for my own use day to day I dislike tints. Reason being it takes longer than powder/cream to put on nicely, which is extra time I don't really have in the morning (one has to be more careful about blending and placement of the product as once it stains it can't just be wiped off like powder/cream).  

Despite all that, I am a tinted lip balm hoarder, so am super excited to try the tinted lip balm version of those tints!

The sample comes in a cute little tube, and got me excited about the amount of product inside but unfortunately this really is a SAMPLE...(ie. the amount is small, probably will last me a week at most). 

It's described as poppy pink, and unfortunately when I swiped this on my bare lips it made me look quite sickly (turned my lips into a pale sickly cream pink). Ugh... I then used this with BeneTint (Benefit's rose colored tint) underneath and the result was alright... It does feel very moisturizing, and is a more "tacky" balm than a slippery one. The scent is nice and fruity, but quite strong...a bit too strong for my liking. Overall, I like the formula but not the color...I may venture to buy one in another shade one day but am not dying to do so.

What did you get in your Topbox this month? Share with me your blog links and I'll be happy to visit your post!


  1. Looks like an awesome box this month. I am jealous of your Benefit lip balm. It looks like a decent color but these colors are tricky. They make me look washed out sometimes. I opted for the Benefit Gimme Brow prive box this month. Wish I picked the regular box now.

    1. The Posie definitely is not a good shade for me as it makes me look ill, which is unfortunate as the color looks very pretty in the tube :(

      Hehe I'm jealous of your brow box! That's the one I put on my wishlist but I ended up with the regular box. How is the product? I've been wanting to try it