Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Inglot Freedom System Blush 47

Oh Inglot, where have you been all my life... ok it's my own fault I didn't walk into your store though I have walked by many times when visiting Times Square... now that you came to Toronto though, I'm plenty interested suddenly and had to pay a visit to the Times Square store (ironic). In it I found the amazing "Freedom" system, where I could just play and swatch and buy the amazing products you make without paying anything for the extra packaging. My Z-palettes thank you.

I started with blush. The sales lady introduced to #47, a matte pink-coral shade that is one of the most natural blushers I've ever used.

Above is a one-swipe swatch, swiped once, and then blended out next to it. As you can see, not the most intensely pigmented blush on one swipe, but not the most sheer, and certainly buildable. This is actually the perfect consumer blusher. Blushes that are too pigmented can be difficult to use sometimes, needing a very light hand or very good blending techniques as a MUA. The really crappy blushers out there are too sheer, annoying to try to build up and end up cakey. This Inglot formula rides the perfect balance!

Here's the size of the pan inside a small Z-palette. This is a no-brainer blush that goes with anything and blends without any real effort. Easy to use, easy to pair, easy easy easy...and cost was amazingly affordable without buying their palette! $11...yup that's it. So little though I know the cost went to the product, not the packaging.

If you like fancy blush packaging (I totally get you), this isn't your friend. If you have Z-palettes hanging around waiting to be used, this is your friend. Overall, affordable highly quality blush...what are you waiting for, go try it already!

Let me know what you think of these or Inglot as a brand in general! I have a few more things from them I will review soon...

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