Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Illamasaqua Paranormal Palette Review & Swatches

The last of the Bay's sale! I bought this at 25% off but shortly after it became 50% off :( I always feel annoyed when this happens, but the annoyed feeling only makes me buy more stuff at the new sale to make it up for it...=P

Overall I got quite a few things from this interesting European brand that I never thought to check out before until the sale hit (and as most of you know the sale meant the last of Illamasqua here in Canada, though you can still of course order it online). More reviews of their other products to come!

Now onto this bizarre-o palette...I picked it because of all the gorgeously bright colors, which didn't seem like they went with each other at all in a palette sense, but who cares, look at them!

Here are ONE-swipe swatches, look at that pigmentation! They went on buttery-smooth. These shadows are advertised to feel like a cream-to-powder formula and indeed they do! They blend well and also have a hint of fine shimmer that is subtle and just beautiful.

They're also advertised to be long-lasting and water-resistant. The above is what they look like after washing/scrubbing with soap and water. Still stained!

Overall, I love each shade individually, especially paired with a grey eyeshadow in the crease for definition. Unfortunately I don't see myself ever using these shades together (maybe for Halloween or something...), so I've depotted them as it seemed no point in keeping them together. They were crazy easy to depot, I stuck the tip of my metal spatula beside the pans and they popped right out! Depotter's dream (or not, if you like the destructive process more...).

Warning though, I think due to the formula, these shadow don't pick up too well using fluffy eyeshadow brushes. I tried this using my usual brushes and it only shows up as a faint faint sheer wash. These shadows go on much better with finger tips or sponge-applicators, then you can use your usual eyeshadow brushes to blend out. 

There are still quite a few Illamasqua items on The Bay's website for 50% off, I highly recommend trying one of these palettes while they're still available!

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