Saturday, December 6, 2014

Empties: November 2014

I didn't empty much this month, and sort of finished things for the heck of it rather than cuz I loved the product (less exciting...), but here goes:

 Face Atelier Lip Rx - Sahara: I reviewed this previously here. Still like the formula, but in the end I didn't particularly like this shade. Won't repurchase.
 Clinique 7-day Scrub: a physical exfoliator, does what it advertises, but nothing terribly special. I use it up whenever I get it as a deluxe sample (fairly frequently), but I don't love it enough to purchase the full size
 Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Color Mascara: I already emptied another deluxe sample of this. As previously stated, it's a very natural looking, non-smudgy mascara. Solid. Won't purchase full size though as I've got too many mascara samples to work through.
 Shiseido Lacqure Gloss - Plum Wine: I reviewed this previously here. Unfortunately the formula has separated over time and now it's gunky to look at in the tube. Still works ok but psychologically not liking it when I take it out. It's a deluxe sample anyways, so I don't feel too bad about wasting.Will definitely repurchase, but will try another shade.
Shiseido Ibuki Refining Moisturizer: I used this deluxe sample when traveling as my homemade DIY moisturizer is not convenient for traveling (haven't found a good casing now that's leak-proof). It's a very slippery/watery formula. It moisturizes and smooths my skin, but I feel like it's a temporary silicone effect. Didn't mind using it up but won't be repurchasing as I'm liking my DIY too much at the moment.

What did you empty this month? Feel free to share your blog links :)

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  1. I got the same Shiseido lacqure and really enjoy it. I just love the shade.