Friday, December 12, 2014

Inglot Brush #4SS Review

More and more Inglot...this is the one brush I picked up from my recent Inglot haul. It's made from "squirrel substitute", which the sales lady told me basically is synthetic meant to feel like squirrel. I've never actually tried a real squirrel brush, so can't comment on how this compares, but it is darn soft...

This brush is advertised as a blending eye brush, however I find it a bit big for my small hooded asian eyes. This is however puuuuurfect as a highlighting brush for detailed work on the cheekbones and nose bridge. I don't like to contour on my own face however this works great for contouring nose and under the cheekbones on others. I also use it to powder and set concealer underneath my eyes.

It's very dense and fluffy, and after a couple of washings no hairs came loose (a good sign). Also no dyes came screaming out into my brush soap lather, another good sign!

It's very soft on the face, and feels oh so nice when blending (you know that feeling...). I actually can't remember the exact price but it was something in the $20-$30 range, which is very reasonable.

Overall, this is a very versatile brush. You can use it to blend eye makeup if you have big eyes, or it can be used to highlight/contour, or for powdering under eyes, or powdering anywhere else. It's great!

What's your HG versatile brush? This has become mine now :)


  1. this brush looks incredibly soft. I, too, find a lot of eye makeup brushes too big to use and I often use them for highlighting as well.

  2. Nowadays it is much easier to find soft synthetic brushes, which is a really good thing!
    I completely agree many blending brushes are too big for asian eyes. I actually enjoy the $1 elf blending brush a lot. The quality is not consistent, though. I have two of them and they feel very different. ;p

  3. It's made of goat hair that's what the as means.