Thursday, November 27, 2014

Topbox November 2014

One set of exams done...that means back to blogging! I have been very happy with Topbox recently, and this month was no exception. Briefly, Topbox is a Toronto-based subscription service, you get about 4-5 products each month for $12+tax. Even if here and there pops in products I don't like or will never use, I don't mind it because usually the other products are very useful (and more than worth the $12), or it allowed me to know what to stay away from in the future. Overall, highly recommended!

I have been choosing the bag options recently as I had collected too many of those tubes.

 First up, uniqOne all in one hair treatment, can be used wet or dry. Honestly these "all in one" products are confusing to me. I much prefer separate for different purposes (ie. shampoo and conditioner separetely rather than 2-in-1). To me, all-in-one means not particularly good at either or...but will see, I imagine I will just use this like a hair oil.

Next is Benefit Stay Flawless primer. I've heard lots of good things about this, and it's neat being in stick form instead of liquid/cream like every other primer I've used. The instruction say not to blend it in at first and let it blend with the makeup. This will be interesting... will update this post after I've tried it out.

Eyeko Mascara! I have been wanting to try this brand for a long time, now's finally the chance! Happy happy happy...

Lastly, Elizabeth Arden Flawless Future serum. EA products have always been solid for me, so expecting this will probably be too. 

Here's the stash, overall looking forward to trying all these!

What did you get in your box this month? Please share links to your posts!


  1. I received exactly the same products as yours. I haven't cracked opened any of those though but I'm excited to try the mascara. But doubt if this will work on my stubborn Asian lashes. This is my last Topbox though as I find I collected way too many products over the past years and really need to use some up before starting my subscription again.

    1. Seems like many people got the exact same set, guess not much variety this time around... good for you for trying harder to use up your stash! I need to do more of that.