Thursday, November 13, 2014

Real Techniques Lip Brush Review

Since the Chapman sisters from Pixiwoo came out with the real Techniques brushes, I have been head over heels in love with their larger powder and blush brush (so much so I have bought backups...). Never have I felt brushes so full and soft, with no shedding, and at around $10 each, really there is nothing bad to say about them!

I was looking a better lip brush recently, so decided to try more of this amazing lineup.

The real Techniques lip brush retails for $7.99 from FTBBeauty. It is synthetic and appears similarly mixed black and grey-white hairs as the other face brushes I have.

Just like the others, it's soft and doesn't shed. It's also a very good size for my lips, which are on the thin side.  My Annabelle concealer brush I was using as a lip brush, became for me a tad big overtime (though on someone with bigger/more luscious lips it's awesome!).

The only downside, is this cap. Obviously this was meant to be a travel brush you can cap off, however the cap is VERY loose. Very little jiggling can loosen it and it will fall off. Can you would be very annoying if this happened inside your makeup bag (imagine smeared lipstick inside your bag, never mind possibly ruining your brush-head having it jammed against the bag, ugh).

So this thing just sits on my bathroom counter to be used at home only, which is fine with me, though I will keep looking for a good travel lip brush.

Have you tried this? Let me know what you think of it or if you recommend any good travel lip brushes!


  1. I haven't tried any lip brush. I love Real Techniques brushes and they are so affordable and quality is amazing. I just wish Walmart starts selling individual brushes soon. I have also bought individual brushes from FTB along with other goodies. Thank goodness for beauty websites like that.

    1. I heard the sets Walmart sells aren't as good so have only bought individuals from FTB like you. I like using lip brush even though it's time consuming as it gives me a more sheer layer.