Thursday, November 6, 2014

Marc Jacobs Highliner Gel Crayon #54 (Brown with shimmer) review and swatches

one swipe

I don't have a lot of high-end liners, so was excited to see this in Sephora's 100pts perks. It did not disappoint! Brown is brown, easy to use and natural, but THIS brown is special with it's shimmer.

It glides on fairly easily, with a bit of tugging but is a well-pigmented line in 1-2 swipes on my lids. It stays all day, and I only experienced a small amount of smudging on my lower lids at the end of the night. For me that is pretty good as a lot of liners smudge a lot or very quickly on me. Perhaps one day I will find a HG liner that doesn't do this... (I thought I found this with the Julep gel liner but it dried out so quickly that it was HG for only 3 uses...can't have a HG product that only lasts 3 uses...)

Here's a bare-eye swatch with only a bit of mascara. If you draw a very thin line right on the lashline, it gives the most natural yet a barely-there "lit" look due to the shimmers.

I've loving it!


  1. I just got the mini set(7 gel liners) and really like them. This shade looks so natural and look great on you. I like more natural eye looks. Out of the 7 in the set, only 2 have slight shimmers in them which I am ok.

    1. Ooh I saw that on your haul! Hopefully there are some left I'm gonna go to a store today as online checkout is still not working :(

  2. Fab review :) This sounds great, love how pigmented it is!

    The Belle Narrative