Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Clean Organic Goat`s Milk Brush Shampoo Review

After my review of EnKore's solid brush soap awhile back where upon I said that I disliked solid soaps, I caved to buying another due to so many positive reviews. 

The one big difference with Clean`s soap is that it`s stuck in the tub and meant to be used while it`s in the tub. EnKore`s was free of the tub and meant to be taken out so as to use both sides.

The instructions say to wet the brush then swirl on the soap, then rinse.
ick lipbrush gunk!
It did an amazing job of cleaning the most difficult tools (you know what I`m talking about, that lip brush...that stained beauty blender...).  The lip brush gunk came out super easily. Sponges cleaned really well too, however WHITE sponges still had a slight stain. This is where Enkore`s soap is better, as it can get all the stains out of my white sponges!

The one part that`s improved over EnKore`s, is the tub. I don`t get my hands all icky with holding the soap!

This product sells for $15 on Blur Makeup Room`s online store, or if you`re in Toronto you can get it in store on Queen St. 

Share with me your favorite deep cleansing soaps or shampoos for brushes and sponges!

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