Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kanebo Freshel Mineral BB Cream UV

IOPE was my first foray into Asian BB creams (see previous review here), and since then I have definitely been more on the lookout. Without any request from me though, one of my best friends brought this back for me from her trip to Taiwan (isn't it awesome when friends do that...).  I was super excited to try another BB cream from Asia, this time from Japan.

I had actually never heard of Kanebo before, and a quick google search showed Kanebo has 4 different BB creams. This one is supposed to be the higher UV coverage and matte finish. Refer to Kanebo website for the others.

My friend bought me "MB", which is the darker shade. The lighter is called "NB", and Kanebo's BB creams come in these two shades.

As you can see, this is quite a thicker/stiffer cream compared to more liquid-ey ones on the North American market. The shade suits my face quite well, and doesn't make me look grey or pale. I do find it a bit too yellow, but it's not noticeable once I put bronzer/blusher on. From other reviews it seems the NB is a lighter and less yellow shade, so if you're paler than I am or more neutral/pink undertoned I would go for that shade instead. 

Coverage is sheer and buildable to medium with a second layer, but definitely evens out the skintone nicely on the first go.

In terms of blending, this has to be the best amongst all BB creams I've tried. I really see NOTHING on my face other than great skin. Most other BB creams will blend better and look more skin-like than foundations, but I always see "something" on my face. With this, it really makes me look twice and recall that I actually did put something on. Yes it is that amazing...

Have you tried this brand or any other Japanese BB products before? And I thought my BB/alphabet thing was over...still hanging on!

I have no idea where you can buy this in Canada in store, but you can definitely get it on eBay or have a wonderful friend lug it back from Asia for you :) 

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  1. Yay, points for it looking so crazy natural, that's great! I've been wearing a lot less foundation/face make-up lately and when I do I now want it to look as skin-like as possible.