Sunday, October 26, 2014

Topbox October 2014

I'm late with my Topbox this month since it arrived while I was away in NYC, but boy was I impressed by this month's stash!

Here's the card to start...

I didn't know what this was at first... It looked like a Sharpie! It smelled chemically but it actually works well as you will see later...

 The Estee Lauder eye cream is the most expensive part of this box, and with how little I use, this tub will last me a long time! This product alone made this box happy for me :)

I had never tried anything from the Balm before, and this tiny little card stock product for lips or cheeks was interesting. 

I'm liking the photos...
 I like the product a lot actually. It does feel like a "jelly"! Goes on very naturally and blends smoothly on the cheeks. Nothing feels sticky, and doesn't leave annoying stain spots like some cheek cream/liquids can.

I was also impressed it worked on my lips! I usually find these cheek+lip products only work on the cheeks for me, and are either too drying on the lips or aren't pigmented enough or something feels odd about the formula. This one however goes on smoothly without stickiness just like on the face, however gives the prettiest hint of color on the lips. It doesn't look like I wore any lip product at all, just sweet natural rosy lips! 
swatched with 1 swipe
half gone! I used the magic pen from Prestige above

Lastly a sweet citrusy smelling scrub, smells nothing like blueberries. It says can be used for body or face.

 Lots of what looks like sugar particles, very scrubby indeed! I decided will only try this on body and not face, as it looks too rough... and I'm glad I did. The scrub is difficult to get out of the tub, and comes out feeling like oily sugar particles. I used it while wet, the sugar though is initially rough dissolved away quickly. It left my skin feeling very oily though, which is a feeling I didn't like. I imagine it might be good for my skin since it's not drying it out, but just don't like the slick feeling.

Here's the stash, I'm super happy with this. Go Topbox! For $12/mo + tax, super worth it to try different products, and bonus if they turn out to be awesome!

What was in your box this month?


  1. the makeup eraser pen looks interesting. I am just using q-tip dipped with makeup remover but when you're in a rush, it is not that handy. I got the Estee Lauder eye cream and the Balm cheek/lip tint and some hair products which I am not too crazy about.

    1. I have never had a makeup eraser type product before either, like you I just use Q-tips. Will try to use it more but I have a feeling it may become one of those neat-but-not-essential products. I dislike getting hair products too, mostly cuz I'm terrible at doing my hair and don't know how to use them properly =P