Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Topbox September 2014

Hello again Topbox... $12/mo for deluxe samples to try out

I was super impressed to see this... a seemingly giant tub of a very expensive cream from Lancome.

This next product is odd.... I have never heard of illumalift before. This is supposed to be some kind of cream brightener, and it advises to put on dark areas, such as under and over eyes, nasolabial folds, etc.

It doesn't come with any packaging, which I didn't mind since I have a few Z-palettes sitting around. If you don't have a empty palette however (and most consumers don't), not sure where they expect you to store this... 

 The color is white-ish-yellow on the skin and blends to almost nothing. It does brighten my nasolabial folds slightly, however doesn't do as good of a job as a more well-known brightener, such as YSL's Touche Eclat.  It turns my under-eyes a bit grey unfortunately, due to my dark circles being more brown than blue. If you have more blue circles however this would work well for you (think color theory).

Now we turn to more highlights of this box... look at this cute packaging! It smells a bit too strong but so does all spray dry shampoos to me. It works, gets rid of that greasy look and smell, however makes my hair a bit too smooth and difficult to style for updos.

Lastly...this has got to be the cutest nailpolish packaging I have ever seen!


Advertised as $15 per bottle...a bit much for non-luxe nailpolish but the bottle is super cute and heavy. Will have to see how the formula is if it's worth buying down the road...


  1. So jealous of your LancĂ´me cream, so luxurious! I tried the dry shampoo, it is ok in terms of doing what a dry shampoo should do. Your nail polish shade is very pretty. Can't wait to see how you like the formula.

    1. That was definitely best part of the box! Now to find some time to paint my nails...the hardest part...

  2. Woa, this is a jackpot! Great value!
    Generally speaking I'm not very keen on monthly subscriptions but it's true you get more values. ;o

    1. this month definitely had more value than others. I know I sometimes have doubts whether I should just spend that $12/mo on something I want / chose instead of random box of goodies, but I think the surprise / interest of discovering new goodies keeps me in :)