Saturday, May 4, 2013

Enkore Pro Ultra Brush Soap Review

Yay I finally got ahold of one of Enkore's brush soaps! There's been much buzz about these, and after trying to find a good way to get them here in Canada, I finally bought one from FTB. I chose the pro ultra version since it has antibacterial ingredients as well ("clean" isn't clean until it's sanitized!). Click the jump to see what I thought ^_^

 This soap comes in a plastic round container, which is very convenient for travel. The Pro Ultra version is $11.50, and regular version is $8.50 (CAD) on FTB.

You use this as you would any soap. Wet your brush with water, then brush it back and forth on the soap side to form a lather.  This is the stage where I saw lots of pigment and residue come off of my brushes, super satisfying!

Then you flip the soap over and run your brush over the loofah side to help get any stuck on residue off. I found the loofah side wasn't super rough so wasn't concerned about it being rough on my brushes. More pigments and residues came off at this stage.

Then you rinse your brushes and dry as usual (I use Brush Guards, except for very dense brushes like the Sigma F82 I reviewed earlier, which I now dry by laying flat). Done!

Overall Impression: It does what it says, cleans my brushes and they felt nice and softly conditioned afterwards. Great product! Only issue I had with it was...well...that it was a soap... If that sounds weird, think of why you prefer to use liquid hand soap or body wash over bar soap... For me, I like the liquid stuff better because I don't have to deal with a "bar" of slimy/sticky soap that's sitting around. This is kind of the same deal.  Although overall this product performs well, out of personal preference, I won't repurchase as I prefer liquid cleansers overall.  If you are the kind of person that likes bar soaps though, then you would definitely love this!

Have you tried any of Koren's brush soaps? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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