Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Battle of Blue Kohl Pencils: Sephora vs Lancome

When Lancome launched their Spring collection this year, there was a lot of hype about the Kohl in Love pencils. I bought the blue version called "deepwater blue" as it seemed to be the most wearable for day to day, and it has come to replace my previous loved blue kohl liner from Sephora.  Click the jump for swatches and more detailed comparison!

Sephora Waterproof Kohl and Liner
in 02 - "keep blue"
Sephora "keep blue" on left, Lancome "deepwater blue" on right
Lancome Kohl in Love in
"Deepwater Blue"

The Sephora kohl liner is smooth, pigmented, and waterproof. It does smudge slightly on my lower eyelid after a few hours when I wear it on my upper waterline, but is not significantly noticeable unless you come very close up to my face. Overall, it had been my go-to affordable blue kohl liner.

The Lancome Kohl in Love pencil though, turned out to be way better! The hype is totally true. If I thought the Sephora was smooth, this is smoother, goes on like butter! It is even more pigmented (see swatch above), and once its set, it is waterproof and smudgeproof.  I tested it on my waterline and tightline and left it on for the entire day, and nothing was smudged on my lower lid at the end of day! Oh, and get this, it even removes more easily than the Sephora one!  The brighter shade is also great for spring/summer. Compared to this, the Sephora pencil appears much darker and dimmer, and though I may reach for it again when fall/winter comes around again, it is going to the back of my makeup drawer for now!

Overall impression: I am "in love" with this Kohl in Love pencil formula, and only wish I was a bit more daring in my personal style to wear Jade Crush (the tourquoise shade) day to day...

Have you tried any of these kohl liners? What is your favourite blue kohl liner? Let me know your thoughts!

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