Friday, May 10, 2013

DIY Homemade Lip Scrub

I have chronically dry, sensitive, and peeling lips that don't respond much to all the different balms/moisturizers/ointments I've tried.  Then I heard about the simple honey + sugar lip scrub from a recent cosmetic counter visit (thank you mua from YSL), and added a couple more ingredients I thought would be beneficial. I'm sharing this recipe now because I have been using it for the last couple months and it totally works! My lips still peel from some lip products but at least it doesn't peel all the time anymore!  Click the jump to see how I made this super simple yet super effective lip scrub!

- 1 tbsp honey
- 1 tsp jojoba oil
- couple drops vitamin E oil
- 1 tbsp organic sugar

 Mix it all together in a small container of choice. 

Place dime-sized amount on fingers or small washcloth and rub all over lips

Leave on for a minute or so then rinse off

If you want to know what the individual ingredients do, google has lots of information! Just real quick, honey is moisturizing and the sugar is to exfoliate the dead skin cells. Jojoba oil and vitamin are known to have anti-aging benefits and are moisturizng as well.

So that's it! Super simple. Let me know if you try this out and what you thought of it! You can also substitute the oils I used with extra virgin olive oil, which is just as moisturizing and more readily available from your kitchen!

Disclosure: Jojoba oil and vitamin E oil I bought from a local healthstore. Honey and sugar are from a local grocer. I'm not affiliated with the brands I bought. I just bought what was there :)

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