Sunday, May 19, 2013

DIY Avocado Face Mask

There's lots of recipes out there for homemade face masks, this is one that I have been using that has been working great for my skin (combination/sensitive, early signs of aging). Read on to see how easily it's made and why I love it!

- 1/4 avocado
- 1 tbsp honey
- few drops of Vitamin E oil
1) Combine ingredients in a bowl (make sure the avocado is all mushed up!)
2) Apply to face (I use an old foundation brush so it's less messy, but you can use your fingers)
3) Apply more layers if there's left over (I suggest just using everything up and making this mask fresh every time, if it's too much for one person share with a friend!)
4) leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse and continue with usual skinscare routine
This mask gives me a slight tingling sensation around my cheeks where it's most sensitive. It is quite messy to get off so I recommend wiping most of it off with a soft washcloth first, then rinsing.  I find that after using this mask my skin looks much brighter and also felt super soft and moisturized!
Avocado contains lots of healthy fats that is known to be great for your skin both when you eat it and when applied as a mask.  Honey is moisturizing and vitamin E has anti-aging benefits.
Do you use homemade masks? Let me know what's your favourite I'd love to try it!

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