Sunday, March 29, 2015

Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patch Review

This is my first time ever trying out eye masks! The Eyeko Hydrogel came from a recent Topbox.  I had only recently tried their eye makeup remover wipes which were very good as well, so was looking forward to this product.

Each pack comes with two masks (for both eyes!), and both sides of the "gel" mask has a backing.

It didn't really come with instructions on how to do this, so I took off one side, applied, then took off the other side (kinda like double-sided tape...).

It's pretty big, and covered a lot of my cheek as well. I left it on for about 30 min as instructed.

The results! It did smooth out my under-eye area. I don't get puffy to start with so wasn't sure if it de-puffed anything. It also made my skin smoother for concealer application after.

Only issue was it did somewhat slide around my face, often needing to push it back into place. In retrospect this eye mask should probably be used lying down, but I don't have 30 min to lie down in the AM so I had it on while attending to my usual morning activities.  I suppose you could use this at night, but I find the effect was gone by the end of day, so using at night may be pointless.

Overall, I like this product, but it isn't super practical for my daily life. It's better if you really have no hurry to attend to anywhere or anything in the morning, not for the busy mom (we better just stick to an eye creams/serums). Unless it's a special occasion of course and you've convinced hubby to take care of both toddler and dog for 2 hrs so you can get ready leisurely with this :)

The Eyeko Hydrogel Eye Patches cost $23CDN for 4 sets.

Do you use eye masks? 


  1. I have only tried one other brand(ViiCode) and those have to be applied for more than 5 hours to see the results. They were meant to be applied while sleeping but I always apply them at night before going to bed. I always see celebrities doing eye masks before doing their makeup. Wonder if that really helps.

    1. 5 hrs?! I wonder if the would just fall off during sleep... to be honest I did find that my concealer went on smoother and was less creasy looking, but the effect was not huge (probably no one else would notice), may not be worth the effort

  2. I like the idea (for one thing, I want something on my eyes when I use sheet mask), but it only covers under eye area so I guess I will stick with rich eye cream. The price isn't too bad, though. :)

    1. The price isn't bad at all considering other masks out there. Probably best to stick with eye cream, as the size of this thing would overlap a lot with face sheet masks. I wonder why it needs to be this big. My "under eye " area doesn't include my cheek lol