Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Brush Guard Cleaning Kit Review

This thing came out ages ago in makeup land, but as usual I waited for the hype to die (not purposely). The Brush Guard system initially came out as this porous tube to protect and shape brushes while drying and/or while in storage. I found way cheaper dupes on Ebay and so have used those all along for protecting my brushes in makeup bags. I decided to finally try out the "original" recently (actually for no reason other than I wanted to buy was one of those days *hangs head in shame*...).  Click onward below to see photos of my brush cleaning process and my thoughts on this kit!

 This box was unexpectedly cute! Look at these little cartoon guys! Sure they're depicting gross things, but cutely!

 The instructions on this comes with the brush guards, the soap, a drying cloth, the scrubby cup, and the drying cup.

 Amazing the amount that fit in the little box!

This photo shoes the scrubby cup bottom, where you scrub the brushes to get deep gunk out.
 Here is the comparison between the real Brush Guard on the left, and the dupe eBay stuff on right right. They are actually very different! The eBay version is very soft and flexible, the real version much stiffer and stronger.

Honestly though, it doesn't make a lot of difference for storage...but it does make a difference for drying as you'll see below.
 The ingredients of the liquid soap, I liked seeing Aloe as the first ingredient (not sure if Aloe is good for cleaning, but it should be good for conditioning right?). I also see Kosher vegetable glycerin, fancy...

Start by wetting the brush, then scrub it on the scrubby bottom of the teal cup.

Hey the bristles are white again!
 The scrubbing of a gel eyeliner brush, eeeee....
 Now we dry (the cup has vents on the side). Given the brush guards are fairly stiff, this allows the brushes to stand up inside the cup without the bristles touching the bottom. When I tried this with the eBay stuff it bends and the bristles will touch the bottom.
When finished you can leave the guards on to protect the brushes.

Overall, the kit works and the soap is good. Has it changed my life drastically though.........nope........ I was happy previously with my Benjabelle tree and/or just letting my brushes dry flat on a table.

This kit sells for $22 on FTBBeauty. If you have money to spare and want to try something new, you will enjoy a different process! If you were fine with your brush cleaning regimen before or are on a budget, I don't think you need this.

Do you have the Brush Guard system or the individual Brush Guards? What did you think?


  1. Although the system looks amazing, I don't think this will overcome my stubborn laziness. I did gasp when I saw "skin cell" on the packaging. Why did I never think of that??! ;o
    I will just try to be more diligent at my brush cleansing with, uhm, baby wash. ;)

    1. Lol I like the shocked expression on the skin cell's face. I use baby wash too for lots of things, wash my baby, wash my dog, wash my brushes... :P I am also lazy to do the whole deep cleansing process too often, so I use one of those brush spray cleansers day to day as they're super fast!

  2. I have been using Brush Guards since they first came out and they are still in great conditions! I agree they are better than the eBay knock-offs if you're going to store your brushes upright but if you dry them on flat surface and slightly on angle, both work equally great! I didn't know they made a cleaning kit! Thanks for sharing this. I'm going to look into it! :)

    1. They are definitely solidly made! The liquid soap is pretty good, returns white brushes to white. Hope it works out for you!